"My mandate is to lead them to His presence, to encounter the reality of the Father’s love, where His identity reveals theirs."

- Reba Russell

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From a very young age I have been an advocate for justice and the brokenhearted. It wasn’t until my mid-30’s that I realized this was a true calling in my life. With Isaiah 61 etched in my heart, in 2001 I sought counsel and began training to see this passage become a reality in the world around me. In 2006 I was ordained and became the Pastor and Executive Director of Total Freedom Ministries, its DNA founded on Isaiah 61; healing the broken-hearted and setting the captives free.

After years of ministering to others, God gently beckoned, “What about you?” Through this invitation, He began to reveal the pain in my heart that had yet to be given a voice.  Through my own personal journey of healing and wholeness, I experienced a greater depth of intimacy with the Father. My previous pain from childhood abuse has now become a song of hope, testifying of the Father’s unmatched and unreserved love for His children.

I have counseled and ministered to hundreds of individuals one-on-one, including pastors and leaders, as well as in corporate settings. Whether it’s an individual or group, my mandate is to lead them to His presence, to encounter the reality of the Fathers love, where His identity reveals theirs.

The dream to write has burned in my heart for years. While I always assumed my journey of writing would begin with adults, over the past few years I have developed a deep love and passion to minister to children. Simply stated, “They just get it!” My mother heart has grown zealous for equipping a younger generation to walk in freedom to fulfill their destiny and establish His Kingdom on earth.

After writing my first book, “Courage the Hawk,” I attended the West Texas Writers Academy. I received incredible teaching and advice from NY Times and USA best-selling authors. Two of the authors are now my mentors. During a private session with one of them, she looked over my little book and said, “Reba, this is ready to go! You’re just not dreaming big enough; you need to write a series!” Her words brought confirmation to what had already been stirring in my heart and I knew the Lord wanted me to soar higher.  And so the series, “The Adventures of Kingdom Forest,” was birthed!    

His Kingdom Come!

Reba Russell

Reba lives in Amarillo, Texas, with the love of her life, Ernie. She is a lover of all things family! Some of her greatest joys are being a wife, mom and grandmother. A sappy Hallmark movie and a bowl of fresh cherries are what she calls a “happy moment.” She loves the outdoors, the company of dear friends, relaxing with a good book and being in the mountains.

Courage the Hawk is a creatively written and beautifully illustrated story that teaches children a profound truth in a simple, straightforward way-they are created by their Heavenly Father to soar. In a world where they encounter the lie that the have much to fear, that they aren’t loved, and aren’t worthy, kids need to hear that they are indeed cared for, loved, and protected by a Creator with plans for them that are bigger than they can imagine. Reba Russell’s imaginative storytelling and the colorful illustrations of Phillip Ortiz make this truth come to life in a way that will capture the attention of children (and children at heart). I plan on using this book in my ministry to ids who desperately need to know the Hope of a relationship with Jesus Christ.
— Brooks Boyett | Founder and President, Mission 2540, Inc.
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